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Thank you for you interest in joining the Alberta Men’s Wear Agents Association!  Before completing the following form, please carefully read the following criteria and ensure you qualify. Note that the AMWAA Board of Directors retains the right for final approval when it comes to new applicants.

Consideration for New Membership in the Society shall be given only to individuals that meet both of the following criteria:

a) Individual persons who are permanent residents of Western Canada and can provide confirmation of residency (valid driver’s licence, proof of residential address, utility bills) in either British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba and who, in the normal course of their work, conduct business travel in these jurisdictions representing manufacturers of product lines as commissioned or salaried agents (in their own personal capacity) to retailers.

b) Sales professionals that are not owners, designers, importers, distributors, directors, senior level managers, or sales managers with other sales people reporting to them, for any brand that they represent.


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