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With over 1100 brands represented at our show, advertising can help your brand STAND OUT!


Exhibitors & Manufacturers

Placing an ad in the Show Guide and/or online is a cost-effective marketing tool that reaches out to all retailers that attend the TRENDS Apparel show. Buyers use the guide to help them plan and navigate their time at the show, and they often keep it as a reference resource afterwards. Ads on the website will circulate throughout all the ad spots on the site, and will be active for 6 months at a time. Social media accounts help drive traffic to the site.

Sept 2022 Ad Deadlines:

Place Ad Orders by Jun 15

Submit Ad Artwork Files by Jun 15

Payment Due by Jun 30

Pay by Visa/Mastercard, E-transfer or Post-Dated Cheque


Step 1: Place the order for your ad. This tells us your invoicing information and what type of ad you are wanting. You can include your artwork file if it’s ready. Click the blue button below.

Place Ad Order

Step 2: If you already placed your ad order but did not submit your artwork file at the same time, please use the blue button below to send us your file. If the uploader doesn’t work, please email the file as an attachment or Dropbox/WeTransfer file to

Submit Artwork

Additional Resources

Ads are placed in the book in the order received (while being grouped by Agency), so send your order in early, even if your artwork isn’t quite ready yet!

Sept 2022 Ad Info Package (Details, Pricing, Specs)

For any questions relating to advertising please Contact Us.